Lost in Bremerhaven is the story of an Iraqi freight ship "Al-Zahraa" (The Rose) that has been lying in Bremerhaven harbour for the last 15 years, stuck fast and rotting.

And it´s the story of Adel Jewad Kadem and Abdullah Moussa, two men who come from Iraq to watch over the ship for six monthly toursof duty.
. The 50 Minute Documentary of Knud Vetten and Andreas Wenderoth acompny the two Iraqui through the monotony of teir daily live on the Al-Zahraa.





As the USA invade Iraq, Adel and Abdullah watch the bombing of Baghdad on TV and their home country falling into chaos. With absolutely no contact with their families, their job becomes torturous; the ship their prison.

And the two were forgotten by their company.
The film shows, how they get back. In Iraq very much has changed. Adel and Abdullah are looking for orientation.
The film conveys hope and homesickness, torn up roots and longing.